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Next Era of Boating


Electrified. Simplified.

Ingenity has adopted the automotive industry’s Combined Charging System (CCS) standard.
This paves the way for open usage of third party off-the-shelf DC and AC chargers for our entire product range.

Commercial DC

The commercial-grade Level 3 DC Fast Charger offers unparalleled convenience in the form of an 85 kW charging rate for a full recharge in as little as 90 minutes.

Charge Time: 1.5 hours* (up to 90% charge)

85 kW


132amp 3 Phase hardwire

Optional installation upgrade to allow
simultaneous charging for multiple units

Residential DC

The Level 3 DC Fast Charger offers the best of both worlds for home charging solutions. This Delta DC Fast Charger comes standard as a wall mount with optional pedestal upgrade available and clocks in at 25 kW for a full recharge in only 5 hours.

Charge Time: 5 hours

25 kW


175amp Single Phase hardwire
(3 Phase option also available)

Upgraded AC

This version of the most accessible charger in our lineup offers an upgraded 10kW charging rate for convenient overnight charging.

Charge Time: 12 hours*

10 kW


60amp circuit with NEMA 14-60 plug
or hardwire

Standard AC

This is the standard charger that comes with all our products and offers a 5.8kW charging rate for overnight charging in virtually any home application.

Charge Time: 22 hours*

 5.8 kW


30amp circuit with NEMA 14-30 plug

*Charging times reflect a 0% to 100% battery recharge time.Charging duration decreases based on remaining battery power at time of charge.


Ingenity 23E

Introducing the ingenity 23E. From the inception we designed this model from electric up to create a versatile boat that comfortably cruises.

Use Time
14 Hours
Length With Platform
24'1" (7.35M)
11 People

Super Air Nautique GS22E

A first of it's kind, the Super Air Nautique GS22E is a revolutionary fully-electric, multi-sport towboat that delivers the ultimate on-water experience with zero emissions.

Watersports Use Time
2-3 Hours
Length With Platform
24'1.5" (7.35M)
11 Riders