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By clicking the “PRE-ORDER” button, you are: (1) certifying to Ingenity that the information you provided is correct and complete; (2) authorizing Ingenity to charge you, and you are agreeing to pay, a refundable deposit of $500 pursuant to the payment information you provided (the “Deposit”) for a reservation to purchase a Ingenity 23E at a later date; (3) agreeing that you have thirty (30) days from today’s date to complete your order for the INGENITY 23E (your “Order”), after which your place in Ingenity’s production queue will be given to another customer; (4) acknowledging that the Deposit is simply a deposit and an expression of interest by you to purchase the INGENITY 23E, and does not represent the entire purchase price for the INGENITY 23E that you will be required to pay upon completion of your Order; (5) authorizing Ingenity to utilize your information in any manner permitted by our Privacy Policy, as well as to share your information with Ingenity’s authorized dealers; (6) authorizing Ingenity and its authorized dealers to contact you regarding your Order pursuant to the contact information you have provided; (7) acknowledging that you may obtain a refund of the Deposit for any reason prior to entering into a purchase contract for the INGENITY 23E by contacting to make your request, after which a refund will be made in your original form of payment within thirty (30) days after we process your request; (8) acknowledging that this reservation does not represent a binding contract between you and Ingenity regarding the sale of a INGENITY 23E, that Ingenity is making no representation or guarantee to you about the availability of a INGENITY 23E or any of the options or customizations that you select, or about production time, and that your deposit does not guarantee that you will be able to purchase a INGENITY 23E; (9) agreeing that Ingenity may require you to complete your Order with one of its authorized dealers, in its sole discretion; (10) acknowledging that you may contact Ingenity at with any questions concerning your Deposit, your Order, or any other questions you have; and (11) agreeing that, when you complete your Order, you will be entering into a binding and non-revocable legal commitment to purchase the INGENITY 23E, that the Deposit will become non-refundable, that you will be required to pay the entire purchase price for the INGENITY 23E at that time, and that the terms and conditions of your purchase contract will govern your Order. (12) at the time you complete your Order, or at any other time prior to the delivery of the INGENITY 23E to you, you could be required by Ingenity or one of its authorized dealers to enter into certain other agreements prepared by Ingenity or one of its authorized dealers, which agreements could include, without limitation, an end-user license agreement with respect to certain telematics hardware and software located on the INGENITY 23E.


Ingenity 23E

Introducing the ingenity 23E. From the inception we designed this model from electric up to create a versatile boat that comfortably cruises.

Use Time
14 Hours
Length With Platform
24'1" (7.35M)
11 People

Super Air Nautique GS22E

A first of it's kind, the Super Air Nautique GS22E is a revolutionary fully-electric, multi-sport towboat that delivers the ultimate on-water experience with zero emissions.

Watersports Use Time
2-3 Hours
Length With Platform
24'1.5" (7.35M)
11 Riders